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Well well since i made a new LJ account (i didn´t post anything on my old one lol) i though i should post some fanarts of mine .....some are pretty 'old'

aaaaanyway for the tegaki e pic´s please take a look at the original size
and for the normal one please take a look at my DA side for some descriptions~~
though... you don´t have to lol....

aaanyway here some bad reborn things

first on of the newer one ~
this is supposed to be Fon but you could say it´s Hibari cosplaying him lol
this was done with normal pencils. i only put a yellow/orange layer on it

well now this was really supposed to be hibari lol
that´s on of the older on

some Tegaki E now:

(lol dont ask Im not a creativ person lol)

well now Fran i spend so long on tis one damn

some sketch's for the rebocon lol (well mostly)

well that should be enough for now gonna post some other thing later :<
thanks for looking.. (if you looked.. if not... i can understand ..really!)
btw i love criticism

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